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Q. Can I reserve for your service if my trip is short?

A. Yes. You are warmly welcomed to reserve even if your trip

      is a block from your destination.

Q. I want to go to the Philadelphia International Airport at

      3:00am.When should I call/text  to reserve for pick-up?

A. It is always better to call/text earlier (preferably during

      day time) to obtain a confirmation text message.

Q. I want to go to Atlantic City. Can you charge me a flat rate?

A.  No.  All trips are to be paid based on the meter readings.

      Please be advised that the most fair cost would be when

      the meter is used.

Q. How many passengers can you take at a time?

A. My taxi cab is a sedan that can take only four passengers

      and a  driver.

Q. We are 5 people and would like to be picked-up at the same

      time. Can we Squeeze in your cab? or Can you arrange for

      more cabs?

A. No. I can not take more than 4 passengers at a time and

      I am not a  dispatcher company to arrange for your pick-up

      at the same time.

Q. I want to be picked-up from an airport not located in

      Philadelphia (such as JFK). Can I reserve for a service?

A. No. I can only drop you there.

Got more questions!  Please feel free to call for answers

to your questions.  It is also advisable to visit the PPA

website at http://www.philapark.org to obtain detailed

information about taxi services in Philadelphia.


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